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Al Khalifa American University is an online educational institution that offers accredited and globally recognized degrees to those who cannot pursue their studies from traditional educational institutes due to their work or personal commitments. Al Khalifa American University provides you with an opportunity to improve your career prospects by academic advancement, without interrupting your personal and professional life.


At Al Khalifa American University, education is a life-changing experience. Al Khalifa American University academic programs have been designed specifically to build your critical thinking skills. Unlike other online institutions, Al Khalifa American University has 16 fields of study offering 71 diverse majors in different disciplines. Al Khalifa American University offers a broad range of majors to students all over the world to help them achieve their academic pursuits and career goals.

  • Global Location

    Al Khalifa American University enjoys a global presence, with its campuses located in virtually every part of the world.
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  • Accreditation

    Al Khalifa American University is internationally accredited by QOECB showing our commitment to delivering the best.
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  • Corporate Alliances

    Al Khalifa American University froms startegic partenrships with institutions that are part of its Corporate Network.
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Together with our faculty and students, we work to bring a positive change to our society by imparting valuable knowledge so that our students can live a fulfilling and prosperous life. Al Khalifa American University has made quality education affordable and accessible to everyone by offering a number of grants and scholarships.


At Al Khalifa American University, students are the first priority. We are well aware of the fact that most of our students are busy professionals; we have designed flexible class schedules so they can finish their program at their own pace. The technology used in classrooms is simple and user-friendly. Our student advisors will be on hand to help with any queries relating to the university, its programs and scholarships. From the day you enroll to the day you graduate they will be with you every step of the way.

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